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new And The Relatives music video for “Regal Son”

listen/download/buy the limited edition vinyl at http://andtherelatives.bandcamp.com/

new video!

here’s the video from the first holly house sessions. super mucho thanks to seth pomeroy who spent boat loads of time on shooting and editing. we wouldn’t have this if it were not for him.


holly house deathbed songs 2009 from Eli on Vimeo.

shot, edited, chopped, smothered, covered by seth pomeroy

download the songs at: http://www.hollyhousemusic.com/hollyhouse/?p=700

….or watch on youtube

the hobbit (?) video

here’s a video from the hobbit off 8th. woah beards.

A live performance of the 1977 Rankin/ Bass animated version of “The Hobbit”. Performers include the Lehning Bros., members of De Novo Dahl, Shoot the Mountain, The Non-Commissioned Officers and more!

Wacky Brazz: News from And the Relatives and a Silly Video

Wacky Brazz from Patrick Rodgers on Vimeo.

Some folks may be under the impression that And the Relatives frontman Andrew Brassell is a serious individual. This video demonstrates that quite the opposite is true. Of course, what does it say about me that I created the video? Whatever. Enjoy.

And the Relatives recently had some stellar additions made to our website by the talented Mr. Michael Eades. You may have seen his fine work over at We Own This Town or his all-things-pop-culture-and-general-awesomeness blog Yewknee. He’s also done some work for our friends How I Became the Bomb. (Speaking of those rascals, our recent show with HIBTB in Chattanooga was quite a success. Be on the lookout for pictures in the immediate future.)

We’ll soon update our website with demos from our upcoming full-length. Be on the lookout. Come see us on Friday the 13th with D. Striker at The 5 Spot. Yes, there are a lot of fantastic shows going down that evening (including one featuring Holly House Brethren The Tits), but D. Striker only performs on Friday the 13th. These fellas have been doing it for the better part of a decade, and Friday the 13th on the East Side has become the stuff of legend thanks to D. Striker’s wild, irreverent antics. It’s gonna be something.

To recap: Brassell’s nuts, And the Relatives have updated our website, D. Striker will blow the roof off the joint this Friday. Also, if you still haven’t heard Raphael Saadiq’s album The Way I See It, get it swiftly. Currently rocking my world. Transmission concluded.