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Things have quieted down over here at Holly House, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some great news to tell you about.

• Caitlin Rose has been on the road over a year now and people are saying great things about her record, Own Side Now.

Check out this video for her song “Own Side”:

• Tristen has also been out on the road pushing her new record, Charlatans at the Garden Gate, and she was just added to the Bonnaroo 2011 lineup.

Here’s her video for “Baby Drugs”, which was featured on Rolling Stone:


• And The Relatives’ first LP, Green Machinery, was released in November. They released 3 videos to accompany the vinyl LP, which you can order online or buy on sale at Grimey’s:




• Look for Eureka Gold’s latest masterpiece, Land of Imaginary Suffering, to be released soon. You can preview a few tracks here.

new And The Relatives music video for “Regal Son”

listen/download/buy the limited edition vinyl at http://andtherelatives.bandcamp.com/

and the relatives music video for “hammer down”

shot and edited by Aaron Beaird http://www.catchlightcinema.com

listen/download/buy the limited edition vinyl at http://andtherelatives.bandcamp.com/


Here’s a video of Caitlin Rose performing her new song “Shanghai Cigarettes” at Holly House:

Also, a tasty interview Caitlin did with MadeLoud.


p.s. if you haven’t gone to caitlin’s youtube page, you should do so now. it’s thuper awesome.

What’s That You Say? You want another Tristen video? Well OK then!

Matchstick Murder by Tristen from American Songwriter on Vimeo.

This video was shot in East Nashville, Tennessee by Jeff Wyatt Wilson of Wilson Independent as part of our “Can Video Revive The Radio Star” feature in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of American Songwriter magazine. Local Nashville singer-songwriter Tristen and friends star in this fine example of how independent artists are using video to market their music in new ways online. Enjoy…

(this video is stock full of holly house goodness with non-commissioned officer and cctv frontman eric “hold the beans” lehning, all around badass cellist larissa “i hate hairy feet” maestro, the “songstress with the mostest” tristen, eureka gold front dude buddy “don’t call it a bagette” hughen, and and the relatives drummist d. patrick d. roddy rodgers. like they sez, stick that in yo pipe and take a bath!)

new tristen video!

Nashville songwriter Tristen performs the song ‘Baby Drugs!’ live on her front porch with Larissa Maestro and Jeff Irwin. Tuxedo not included
Directed by: Seth Pomeroy