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Caitlin Rose wins Road to Bonnaroo!

Congratulations to Ms. Caitlin Rose for kicking ass and taking names at last night’s Road to Bonnaroo! Have fun in Manchester!

non-commissioned officers win Road to Bonaroo

congrats to the non-commissioned officers who won the first round of the 2010 Road to Bonnaroo. apparently they are an actual band (ha!).

awesome boys.

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thanks to all for a great night!

the winter formal was a smash again this year. we collected boo koos of canned food and raised a bunch of cash for the second harvest food bank.

you can see photo booth pictures from the formal at http://generationdomination.com/event/54.

see you guys next year and have a great holidays!

figure 8 off 8th

caitlin rose & others (elliott smith tribute show)
10.18.2009 @ Mercy Lounge

Artists: Josh Foster, Caitlin Rose, Don Gallardo & How Far West, Angel Snow with Korby Lenker, Clap for Daylight, Brian Ritchey, Matthew Solberg, Kory Murphy (w/ Kristen Michelle)

As a tribute to the late Elliott Smith, each artist/band will be performing 3 Elliott Smith songs. Everyone will also perform 2 original songs. The show will be free, although voluntary donations to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund will be accepted (100% of the money will be donated via the memorial fund to Outside In, a not-for-profit organization that helps homeless youths in Portland, Oregon, where Elliott lived for a significant portion of his life). If you want to bring a check, please make it out to “Outside In” and put “Elliott Smith Memorial Fund” on the memo line on the check.

Next Big Nashville: Tristen

Next Big Nashville: Tristen @ Mercy Lounge
Thursday October 8th 2009

8:15 PM: Bad Cop
9:00 PM: Elle Macho
9:50 PM: Tristen
10:50 PM: The Non-Commissioned Officers

Click here for NBN event page

holly house @ next big nashville!

nbnholly house is bringing it big time at this year’s next big nashville festival. here’s where to go to see all the awesome:

Wednesday Oct. 7th:

Caitlin Rose @ The End

Thursday Oct. 8th:

Shoot the Mountain @ Exit/In
Tristen @ The Mercy Lounge

Friday Oct. 9th:

Eureka Gold @ The End

Saturday Oct. 10:

and the relatives @ The 5 Spot

Go to Next Big Nashville to purchase tickets.

the hobbit (?) video

here’s a video from the hobbit off 8th. woah beards.

A live performance of the 1977 Rankin/ Bass animated version of “The Hobbit”. Performers include the Lehning Bros., members of De Novo Dahl, Shoot the Mountain, The Non-Commissioned Officers and more!

and the relatives update

this is just to give you fine folks an update on the status of and the relatives:

we’ve been in the studio for a while now working on demos for our upcoming LP. we’ve got about 15 in the can and want to get 4 or 5 more. once we’ve got about 20, we’ll start arranging the best bunch for the album. look for a demo to “leak” in the next week or so.

it’s been taking us a little longer than we expected to get the demos done because we got caught up in the 8 off 8ths that the nashville cream ran in july at mercy lounge. members of and the relatives played in 3 out of the 4 nights. needless to say, despite it being an awesome experience, we’re kind of sick of learning cover songs.

patrick and andrew were also on hand to sing vocals with the features for their lake fever session. here’s a teaser for the video with more to follow soon:

also, we just added a show at the 5 spot september 18th for out the other‘s birthday party! it’s gonna be stupid fun so be there!

in case you missed the previous demos, here they are again:


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

not the passion

download them here


for all you tweeters, you can follow us @andtherelatives
for all you facebookers, find us here

see you guys soon!


would you like to be sedated?

Happy Birthday, Joey: A Nashville Tribute to The Ramones
An event to benefit efforts to find a cure for lymphoma

Warthog (Jon Davis, Tom Pappas & Sam Powers of Superdrag)
And the Relatives
The Tits

& Bad Cop
as well as members of
The Privates
Eureka Gold
Mean Tambourines
The Pink Spiders
The Clutters
Non-Commissioned Officers
& more, including some very special surprise guests!

Also, the ghost of Joey Ramone is expected to make an appearance.

Mercy-Lounge :: 5/22/09 9:00 PM
$5 minimum donation

Holly House Covers the Greatest Album of All Time

Our good friends over at Mercy Lounge have invited Holly House to host an event (in May I believe) in which all the HoHo brethren (and sistren) would join in covering an album of our choosing. Long Players style. This presents a bit of a dilemma, however. We’re spoiled on variety here. With as many voracious music consumers as we have in our humble collective, it’s going to be quite a task to narrow it down to just one album. Anyhow, I thought I’d put forth some suggestions and invite others to do the same.

Zombies - O&O
The ZombiesOdyssey and Oracle
First of all, there are several versions of this album with loads of bonus tracks, meaning we’d have plenty of material to work with. It’s an extremely dynamic album. Concerns: Every band would probably need to borrow Eureka Gold’s Adam White for keyboardin’ and we’d probably all fight over who gets “Care of Cell 44,” “Time of the Season” and “This Will Be Our Year.”

Pixies - Surfer Rosa
PixiesSurfer Rosa
Just about all of Pixies’ albums are worthy. This just happens to be my favorite. Bummer The Glib are no longer with us, because something tells me they’d knock this one out of the park.

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Iggy PopLust for Life
Great album, and I know The Tits would kick its ass. It just might not give Cato and Tristen the chance to use those crystalline pipes of theirs.

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beach BoysPet Sounds
I know, I know. That’s setting the bar extremely high. But just think about Eureka Gold playing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” Gah, boner material. I’d like dibs on “Sloop John B.”

Weezer - Pinkerton
I believe Eli suggested this one, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. The above albums are all hugely influential. But this one…it really strikes a chord with folks of our generation, and it would be something you don’t get a chance to see. Hell, we could even throw in some stuff from Weezer (“The Blue Album”) for good measure.

So these are my humble suggestions. There are plenty of others that have crossed my mind (Nirvana, Stones, Dylan, Bowie…damn, I just realized I totally should have put T. Rex’s Electric Warrior on my list. Oh Well). Aight, y’all. What suggestions you got?

way to be nashville

the holly house winter formal last night was a freakin blast.

thanks to mercy lounge, jonny kingsbury for the photobooth, and all who came out and threw down.

pictures from the photobooth will be here soon as well as more clips.

garland sisters w/ and the relaives from Eli on Vimeo.

eureka gold – ophelia from Eli on Vimeo.

Get Ready People!!!!!

Holly House 8 off 8th (Monday Nov. 24)