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Shoot the Mountain


STM started as a country band called The Jigsaw Mountain Boys, and one day the guys decided to change things up a bit. Now STM is into rocking hard, dancing around, and time traveling.

Shoot the Mountain EP Now Available

With the repeated declaration of “we’re gonna have some fun,” “Invitation” (the opening track on Shoot the Mountain’s self-titled EP) is precisely that: an invitation to join the band in their jovial sonic blow-by-blow of a euphoric, PBR-induced night on the disco floor. Culling from the best in post-punk, New Wave, indie rock and sheer power-pop for inspiration, the local quartet’s debut offering captures the finest moments of a live set that has garnered the band a rapidly growing reputation as one of this city’s most exciting commodities. From start to finish—whether it be the bouncy maelstrom of “Zoo,” the frenetic cardiovascular jaunt of “Dance Sally,” the carefree sing-along “Hoppin’ Around” or the closing seven-minute multi-suite excellent adventure “Time Machine”—the release is rife with shifting dynamics, relentless energy and a ceaseless barrage of hooks that recall everything from Talking Heads to Weezer, Modest Mouse and even the J. Geils Band. The economic production has a live feel that allows the band to flex their considerable musical muscle and make use of their ace-up-sleeve drummer Tyler Coppage (now amicably departed) and lead guitarist Jason Yeary, whose clever embellishments respond perfectly to the calls of composers Joe Blankenship and Jonathan Brock.                                                                    by: Adam Gold

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band photo credit: rachel briggs

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