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February, 2009:

All We Seabees / The TITS / Rock n Roll Hooligans @ The Basement Saturday

Shoot the Mountain w/ And the Relatives & Group Hug

Title: Shoot the Mountain w/ And the Relatives & Group Hug
Location: The End
Description: $5
9 PM
Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2009-02-19

Holly House Covers the Greatest Album of All Time

Our good friends over at Mercy Lounge have invited Holly House to host an event (in May I believe) in which all the HoHo brethren (and sistren) would join in covering an album of our choosing. Long Players style. This presents a bit of a dilemma, however. We’re spoiled on variety here. With as many voracious music consumers as we have in our humble collective, it’s going to be quite a task to narrow it down to just one album. Anyhow, I thought I’d put forth some suggestions and invite others to do the same.

Zombies - O&O
The ZombiesOdyssey and Oracle
First of all, there are several versions of this album with loads of bonus tracks, meaning we’d have plenty of material to work with. It’s an extremely dynamic album. Concerns: Every band would probably need to borrow Eureka Gold’s Adam White for keyboardin’ and we’d probably all fight over who gets “Care of Cell 44,” “Time of the Season” and “This Will Be Our Year.”

Pixies - Surfer Rosa
PixiesSurfer Rosa
Just about all of Pixies’ albums are worthy. This just happens to be my favorite. Bummer The Glib are no longer with us, because something tells me they’d knock this one out of the park.

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Iggy PopLust for Life
Great album, and I know The Tits would kick its ass. It just might not give Cato and Tristen the chance to use those crystalline pipes of theirs.

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Beach BoysPet Sounds
I know, I know. That’s setting the bar extremely high. But just think about Eureka Gold playing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” Gah, boner material. I’d like dibs on “Sloop John B.”

Weezer - Pinkerton
I believe Eli suggested this one, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. The above albums are all hugely influential. But this one…it really strikes a chord with folks of our generation, and it would be something you don’t get a chance to see. Hell, we could even throw in some stuff from Weezer (“The Blue Album”) for good measure.

So these are my humble suggestions. There are plenty of others that have crossed my mind (Nirvana, Stones, Dylan, Bowie…damn, I just realized I totally should have put T. Rex’s Electric Warrior on my list. Oh Well). Aight, y’all. What suggestions you got?

Goodbye Mormanns (and Smythe and Russ)

Alright, alright.  It hasn’t been more than two weeks since my favorite local band The Glib decided to internally combust, and I already fucking miss them terribly.  For those who don’t know, they released their CD Heaven And Hell Yes and played their final show on the same night.  It was awesome and a total bummer at once.  Kind of like getting head from a hot blonde chick and then seeing a fever blister on her lip afterwards.

Anyway, analogies aside, I haven’t been able to take Heaven And Hell Yes out of my car stereo since then.  My girlfriend tried to, so I gave her a shiner.

Believe me, you don’t fuck with a man’s stereo.

The album is so ffffffffffrrrrrreakin’ good!  Like listening to an angel being molested.  Or something.  I guess “divine” is a good word for it…. fuck it.  I like the angel metaphor better.

I’d like to tell Joe Mormann, John Smythe and Russ this, but these dudes decided to pack up and move to Brooklyn.

As in Brooklyn NYC.

As in far ass away.

This bums me out big time.  Not only would I like to compliment my brothers on a tremendous job on the recording, but would also like to get black out drunk with them (Well with Joe anyway, we’d probably get a sixer deep and Smythe might be crashed out already).  When they resided here in Nashville, getting black out drunk with them was a regular occurrence.  I enjoyed their inebriated company, and now I have no true, die hard, alcoholic friends to partake in my daily ritual of drinking cases of cheap wine, PBR, and whatever crappy vodka or whiskey is at hand.  It’s a fucking drag.

In conclusion, Joe, John, Conor, Russ, Matthew…. good fucking job.  Everytime I listen to the CD I love it more… then I start getting nostalgic like a big va-jay-jay.  A big, wet, vajingo.  So good on you.

Also, if you are looking for an alcoholic drinking buddy, gimme a shout.  I’ll already be a case deep.

Best of luck in Brooklyn amigos.  I just poured some of my 40 on the ground for you, my homies.


Sweet Davey Titties.

Wacky Brazz: News from And the Relatives and a Silly Video

Wacky Brazz from Patrick Rodgers on Vimeo.

Some folks may be under the impression that And the Relatives frontman Andrew Brassell is a serious individual. This video demonstrates that quite the opposite is true. Of course, what does it say about me that I created the video? Whatever. Enjoy.

And the Relatives recently had some stellar additions made to our website by the talented Mr. Michael Eades. You may have seen his fine work over at We Own This Town or his all-things-pop-culture-and-general-awesomeness blog Yewknee. He’s also done some work for our friends How I Became the Bomb. (Speaking of those rascals, our recent show with HIBTB in Chattanooga was quite a success. Be on the lookout for pictures in the immediate future.)

We’ll soon update our website with demos from our upcoming full-length. Be on the lookout. Come see us on Friday the 13th with D. Striker at The 5 Spot. Yes, there are a lot of fantastic shows going down that evening (including one featuring Holly House Brethren The Tits), but D. Striker only performs on Friday the 13th. These fellas have been doing it for the better part of a decade, and Friday the 13th on the East Side has become the stuff of legend thanks to D. Striker’s wild, irreverent antics. It’s gonna be something.

To recap: Brassell’s nuts, And the Relatives have updated our website, D. Striker will blow the roof off the joint this Friday. Also, if you still haven’t heard Raphael Saadiq’s album The Way I See It, get it swiftly. Currently rocking my world. Transmission concluded.

The Kiss of Death

So it’s official, Friday the 13th is bad luck. MEEMAW will be headlining at The End and then calling it quits. After releasing only one record, Glass Elevator (on Infinity Cat Records), the band has decided they can’t continue working together. It sucks but you have one last chance to see them rock. See you there.

The Forks Are on the Hunt

So the shit’s already started on this one. With the Fork Hunts show coming up people are pumped, people are pissed and others just want to have a good fucking time. The Fork Hunts only play about twice a year and will not play without getting a reaction. Here’s a taste of the action from the Nashville Cream blog:

“Yeah… the ugliest bitch joke of a band EVER needs a practice space. I have the room ladies but I’m locking my door to no talent hacks who only get to play because of who their friends are and because they dress like sluts.”

“Wait is this an all-girl PREGNANT punk rock band? What the eff is going on?”

“the question is have you guys heard them?? They are all pretty nice but they are terrible. ”

Jordan Lehning of Eureka Gold said it best…. and may all of Nashville listen to the truth in this:

“yes we’ve heard them
yes they are fucking awful 
but they are one of the best bands to see live
it’s a total spectacle and they know it
they love it
it’s like laughing at your farts”



correction: it’s 18 and up

Darla Farmer on NPR

With an album release less than a month away, the Nashville Carnival-rock outfit, Darla Farmer, is beginning to see some illustrious recognition – starting off this week with a cut on one of last week’s airing of NPR’s “All Songs Considered” program.

With a growing audience of more than 26 million Americans each week in partnership with more than 860 independently operated, non-commercial public radio stations, NPR and All Songs Considered will no doubt launch a new platform of listeners and fans across the nation for Darla Farmer.

Check it out here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=99866524

Darla Farmer releases its full-length album, “Rewiring The Electric Forest” on February 17th and its full-length remix album, “Remixing The Electric Forest” shortly there-after, which will appear as an iTunes feature!

The Ettes to open up for Kings of Leon

These lucky bastards are getting ready to go on a European tour opening up for Kings of Leon. They haven’t been in Nashville for more than six months since they moved from L.A. and they’re already moving on to some big shit. I spin these guys a lot on my radio show so I’m happy for them and just hope they come back when they’re done. I especially respect that they’ve been participating in the local music scene here in Nashville. Groups like Kings of Leon skipped the plight of the local indie rock band and went straight to the top 40. But for a group of fine characters like The Ettes I feel like they at least made an effort at paying their dues around here. Kick some ass, Ettes, and come back and celebrate by doing another rock n roll dance party at Springwater!