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January, 2009:

Spin Magazine features and the relatives!

Spin Magazine has featured and the relatives in their Spin Picks: 8 Undiscovered Bands Worth A Listen.

and the relatives‘ “cowboy jazz” will be played Friday January 23rd at midnight on Boston’s WFNX 92.1 over the air as well as on their website: http://wfnx.com/player/new/

go to the website and check it out: http://www.spin.com/articles/spin-picks-8-undiscovered-bands-worth-listen

The Glib CD Release Party this Saturday

It’s the end of the world as we know it… or at least of The Glib. This is The Glib CD Release / last show ever.

Stayed tuned for updates on the survivors of this group death and keep you’re eyes peeled for the sky… Haley’s Comet might have caused this breakup.

new zeppelin singer

we heard zeppelin is going back on tour sans robert plant soon.

this guy should definitely be their top pick as a replacement (thanks yewknee):

Holly House on WRVU 91.1 FM

Holly House is now on WRVU 91.1 FM every Thursday from 9 til 10pm

open challenge to all nashville area bands

you think you’re band is pretty good, right? think you kick ass? well it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. and the relatives is officially offering an open challenge to any band that wishes to challenge them in a big wheel race.

the venue would be shelby park, where there are some pretty kick ass hills.

hit us up on our myspace, lest you some scared little bitches.

time to get out and vote again people

vote AGAINST #1 & #2.

get out and vote against this pointless and ridiculous measure that benefits no one and makes nashville look bad.

the date to vote is Jan 22

for more info go to: http://www.nashvilleforallofus.org/About.html

…….. also, eric crafton is a moron:

(photo via the nashville scene)

unfortunately, there will be no sandwiches

the deli nashville is having a poll for the best local nashville band of 2008. there are a few holly house bands up there, so go vote for your favorite one. then go to a real deli and eat a rachael or a ruben.

vote here:

thursday night!

come join us at the basement.

thursday 9 pm.

Holly House at The Basement (Thurs Jan 8)